Project Description

“Let’s Make Friends and Discover Georgia” is the first project of association “Nakvalevi” which started in 2011 at Ilia Chavchavadze State Museum in Saguramo.
Project aims to promote Georgia’s unique culture and history through various activities.
Within the project we conduct personal development training sessions to empower young people; we motivate and encourage them to initiate small projects in order to raise their civic awareness, civic engagement and proactivity. We gather young Georgians and their foreign peers in order to increase their intercultural awareness and give opportunity to share their thoughts and insights. We involve young people, representing vulnerable groups in our activities in order to contribute to their integration into mainstream society.
“Nakvalevi” expresses its sincere gratitude towards Mr. Andro Bedukadze, museum staff for opening the door and welcoming Nakvalevi activities since then and to all local and international volunteers as well as honorary friends.