Who We Are

N AKVALEVI is a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical organization based in Tbilisi, Georgia.  It was founded in 2011 by a group of experienced professionals of formal and non-formal education who, for years, had already been hard at work to help rebuild Georgian society after the fall of the Soviet Union.  Nakvalevi’s main goal is to help prepare young generations of Georgians for life in the 21st century by exposing them to new activities, people, ideas and encouraging them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for them to realize their roles in civil society.
Nakvalevi has implemented a wide range of projects and initiatives, most of them with focus on proactive citizenship and volunteering as strong tools for democracy building.  We have solid experience in volunteer management and have focused on voluntary activities and youth mobilization since our inception.  Nakvalevi has a large community of young volunteers, who are motivated to become agents of change in Georgian society.

What We Strive For

In Nakvalevi, we strive to help a young generation of Georgians to become responsible, proactive, and community-conscious citizens. The main priority of Nakvalevi is youth development, which goes in hand with the needs of Georgia’s post-soviet society. While the Georgian education system is still in the process of forming, generations are losing the opportunity to gain the skills and aptitudes necessary to succeed in the constantly changing environment of the 21st century. Nakvalevi fills in the gap.
Nakvalevi supports Georgian youth develop skills (such as strategic thinking, personal leadership, self-management, and success planning) needed to meet today’s competitive environment. Our support extends to members of ethnic and cultural minority groups whom we help integrate into mainstream Georgian society. We also provide tailored-made, special education opportunities to youth in need.
Nakvalevi fosters creativity, motivation, and positive self-image to help our youth succeed and develop their full potential to contribute to Georgian society. Through our many projects Nakvalevi exposes Georgian youth to a wide range of experiences and activities such as cultural events, community work, fundraising events, and chats with NGO, community, and business leaders and international diplomats. We also conduct personal development training sessions to empower, motivate, and encourage our young people to develop their own projects.

Nakvalevi Projects